Building together a new model for sustainability

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Like a coin, sustainability has two sides. We win on both sides, as people and as society. One side corresponds to our individual commitment, the other to the collective action that drives more people to join this good cause.

In the seven months we have been part of the ecolones® Program, Parque Empresarial del Este has managed to deliver more than five tons of recoverable material that can be recycled. Our occupants, their collaborators and the community of Calle Blancos have been the architects of this feat!

ecolones® is a program that rewards the commitment to recycling, through a series of incentives in exchange of the delivery of clean, dry and separated recyclable materials. People who accumulate ecolones® can use them to access discounts and promotions on the purchase of sustainable products and services from affiliated businesses.

This achievement is not only beneficial in direct terms for the reduction in pressure on natural resources and the reduction in carbon emissions that cause global warming, but also because it demonstrates that inside our business park and in the community that embraces us there are committed individuals and families that with their individual and collective actions are building a new model for sustainability.

At this point, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to those more than 280 people whose contributions of valuable material have made it possible to achieve this important result. With this in mind and confident that little by little more and more people will be joining this recycling initiative, we would like to inform you that we have already scheduled all our dates for the collection of recoverable material during 2019. Each new campaign will take place on the first Tuesday of each month.

It is worth mentioning that only in January of this year we registered 31 new people who joined the ecolones® program, with their support and that of dozens of other people, we managed to collect more than 1100 kilograms of revaluable material. This milestone becomes a mark that points out one of our first recycling records, higher than the ton of materials collected.

From now on we can go as far with this program as we all want. How many more ecolonists we add to the program is an issue that can only be answered by ourselves, but the advantage is that we know that all those who are already collaborating will invite other colleagues, neighbors and relatives to join this commitment to sustainability. If you want to improve your environmental awareness, recycling is a good first step and with ecolones® you also give a new value to your residues.

It is of high importance that all people bring their materials already cleaned, dried and separated, which are key conditions to facilitate the subsequent process of waste recycling. This is a great opportunity to generate a sustainable citizenship!

The more than 7000 people who work in our place can be, each in its own way, pieces of high relevance to reach new milestones within the ecolones® program. We want to continue being the closest recycling point for the community of Calle Blancos and we rely on the support of all of you! Our next campaign will be on February 5th from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, in Plaza San Gabriel and in BAC’s parking lot, in front of the B3.

Dates of the next ecolones® days in Parque Empresarial del Este, during 2019:

  • Tuesday February 5th
  • Tuesday March 5th
  • Tuesday April 2nd
  • Tuesday May 7th
  • Tuesday June 4th
  • Tuesday July 9th
  • Tuesday August 6th
  • Tuesday September 3rd
  • Tuesday October 8th
  • Tuesday November 5th
  • Tuesday December 3rd
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