5 keys that will enhance your appeal to employers in a business free zone

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Let’s put it in numbers: if for every dollar you invested in a business, you received $6.2 in return, you would be in front of a gold mine. That’s precisely what the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (Cinde) says that happens with the country’s investment in free zones.

But we are not here to talk about mines in general, but rather about specific deposits, they would be gold, diamonds, quartz, bauxite… or whatever you want; it’s about that issue which is nothing other than yourself; you are the greatest wealth for companies. In our country this wealth is reflected in the more than 125,000 Costa Ricans who work in free zones.

Well, now that you know that you are highly valuable material, what are the attributes that you can polish as a human talented and raise your appeal in front of companies to compete in new positions? Pay attention here, we bring you 5 keys for those of us who are free zone people:

Measure, evaluate, achieve:

To optimize you don’t need to keep the calculator under your arm, you need to be tidy, visionary and detect opportunities for improvement. We live in times where efficiency and optimization are highly valued. Your ability to do more with less, or reduce waste to a minimum, comes from having the skills to measure, evaluate and improve. In this way, if you have technical skills to quantify and analyze, or you have project management skills, it is possible that you will be perceived as a very valuable human talent for companies.

Ability to innovate:

A lot has been said about “whoever does the same thing ends up having the same results”; well, if the results obtained so far are not convincing, that is the reason why collaborators with the capacity to innovate are so attractive. The advantage is that nowadays there are many tools and methods such as “Design Thinking”, which help collaborators to think about proposals, solutions or ideas capable of generating changes. Therefore, if you know someone who is talented to propose new solutions to usual situations, you are in front of a striking innovator for companies.

Language skills:

It is not about having the basic “survival English” asset. In an increasingly globalized environment, communicating with the bare minimum or improvising won’t make a good impression in a brainstorm with your boss. You have to go further, it’s about accessing one or two languages that put you in ideal conditions to perform skillfully in a multilingual environment. Knowing languages helps to establish closer trusting relationships with partners and colleagues on the basis of a common language that is not your native language. Whoever has these skills becomes definitely a very competent collaborator for companies and very suitable to be promoted or to move horizontally within the structure of a company.


Attention! If you haven’t seen the last film “Aquaman” this is a “spoiler”… in short, if there is something to learn from this subject is that communication skills are important (even if your brothers are villains, if you can talk to a whale you already have an advantage). No kidding, good communication within the company creates bonds of trust between workers and generally favors the good working environment and productivity. Probably no soft skill is as appreciated as having a positive leader within a company, its impact is not only notable in the way of internal work, but also in the results that can be measured in money, time and resources. A good leader is a true hero.

Technological skills:

We live in the era of connectivity, mobile devices, computers and telecommunications, there is no doubt that having the skills to perform in digitized environments is no longer an option, but a requirement. The difference lies in the level of depth and capabilities related to the management and integration of technologies for the benefit of business and productivity. It is for this reason that those collaborators who have programming skills or talents for the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies, have in their pocket a potential “golden ticket” for today’s companies, even more if the person is supported by technical certifications that confirm it.

Although any of these skills can make you a more attractive partner or with more business sex appeal, owning more than one of these attributes puts you in a very good position to evolve in your career. Go ahead and trust your potential, we are free zone people.

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