Parque Empresarial del Este

In today’s market, being a premier Free Zone & Business Park is not about having the infrastructure in place. It’s about listening and understanding our client’s needs, learning from their feedback and making strategic decisions to satisfy our customers by developing successful relationships based on mutual respect, shared goals, collaboration and trust with our customers. 

Parque Empresarial del Este distinguished as a modern and innovative Free Zone and Business Park, is oriented exclusively to service-providing companies such as Customer Management Centers (CMC) and Business Process Operations (BPO). 

We offer a unique combination of services and a robust infrastructure which is able to connect worldwide networks; meeting the standards and requirements of our multinational corporations. We also provide all our clients with a team of leading experts to help, advise and accompany them throughout the course of the installation of their companies. We will do our best to ensure that all work environments unite the highest quality, aesthetics and efficiency that each of our customers require. 

Parque Empresarial del Este is developed by GBK & FZBP, both Costa Rican companies, with significant experience achieved through many years in real estate development and operation of commercial developments and Free Zone Business Parks such as Global Park, with 84 acres and Coyol Free Zone and Business Park, with 264 acres.

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