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Parque Empresarial del Este

We know that being a Free Zone and a Business Park is not only having the structure on the site, it is an important tool of competitiveness and productivity that creates strong links.

Parque Empresarial del Este distinguished as a modern and innovative Free Zone and Business Park, is oriented exclusively to service-providing companies such as Customer Management Centers (CMC) and Business Process Operations (BPO).  We offer a unique combination of services and a robust infrastructure which is able to connect worldwide networks; meeting the standards and requirements of our multinational corporations.

We also offer all our clients a team of expert leaders to advise them on the installation process within the Business Park. Ensuring that all working environments meet the highest standards of quality, aesthetics and efficiency. It is our greatest goal to create a reliable and favourable environment to listen to the needs of our clients and thus develop lasting successful relationships.

Our recognitions

B5: Leed Certified

B10: Leed Certified

2018: 1 white star, 1 green star, 1 silver star
2019: 2 white stars, 1 green star, 1 silver star

2021: 4 white stars + 1 silver stars

We are a real estate solution for service companies
that wish to be located in the Grand Metropolitan Area.

Proudly part of

This story begins with the founding of Durman Esquivel in Costa Rica in 1959.
Its commercial expansion becomes latent from the start of operations in Panama in 1975. In 2006 it was strengthened by merging with the world leader in building systems “Aliaxis”. The business experience obtained through the successful business career at Durman Esquivel, make the Durman Esquivel family venture into the opening and development of new and successful businesses.
The Montecristo Group Holding, belonging to the Durman Esquivel family, has investments in companies with diversified activities, including: real estate, commercial, agro-industrial, forestry, financial, among others.
Grupo Montecristo provides administrative, financial and IT services to the companies of the Group. It has 35 employees and there are 400 of us in the Group. A client portfolio of more than 20 companies

Francis Durman
Grupo Montecristo

George Durman
Marketing Director,
Product Development,
Innovation and Commercial Excellence
in Aliaxis Latin America

Elisa Retana
General Division
Parque Empresarial
del Este