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Parque Empresarial del Este

Costa Rica is a country known for its beaches, volcanoes and its wide biodiversity, approximately a quarter of its area corresponds to protected forests. It is located in Central America, bordered to the north by Nicaragua and to the southeast by Panama. Costa Rica has ports in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. This wonderful Central American jewel has been without an army since 1948, its official religion is the Catholic and has a democratic government.

Costa Rica has a business environment and legal framework open to foreign investment, is widely recognized for the quality of its workforce and the ability they have to adapt to new processes and new technologies.

Costa Rica contains 5%
of global biodiversity

51.100 km2

million inhabitants.

Labor force:
million people


Unemployment rate:

Economically active population:

Literacy rate:


For tourism and business information:

Easily accessible strategic location

The park is located close to shopping centres, restaurants and at least 23 educational centres.

One of the most outstanding features of the business park is its easy access for people, so the location is ideal for companies providing services with large numbers of collaborators.

Calle Blancos, San José

  • 50 meters from the bus stop.
  • 100 meters from the train stop.
  • 3 kilometers from downtown San José
  • Exit to the North Ring Road and Route 32

Train stop

Bus stop

North ring road exit